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Axis Forces Magazine

"Axis Forces - WW2 magazine"

New magazine (booklet) of military history (English language) dedicated to German and Axis forces.

Format: 25.5 X 18

Pages: 80 approx

Price £10.00, postage extra

Publisher: Massimiliano Afiero

Printed quarterly

Edition 1 (January 2017) Contents

Axis Forces first edition

April 1941: SS motorcyclists in Belgrade

SS cavalry units on the Eastern Front, Autumn-Winter 1941-42

LUARITS JENSEN Free Corps Denmark

The French volunteers of N.S.K.K motorgruppe Luftwaffe

The SS-Division Wiking in the Caucasus: Autumn 1942

Foreign Volunteer Legion Stamp Propaganda in the Third Reich

Edition 2 (April 2017) contents

Axis Forces second edition

Flemish Legion

Felix Steiner and the European Volunteers

The Wiking and the battles in the Izyum area, July 1943

SS-Unterscharführer Max Rudolf Pesarra

The Italian SS Legion

Foreign Volunteer Legion Military Award & Insignia

Edition 3 (July 2017) contents

Axis Forces third edition

Attack against the ‘Stalin Line’

Karl Nicolussi-Leck, Italian Volunteer in the Waffen-SS

The “MONTEROSA” Alpine Division of the R.S.I.

Spanish in the Waffen-SS

German perception of volunteers of the Muslim division of the SS

A Swedish Hero: Gösta Hallberg-Cuula

Edition 4 (October 2017) contents

Axis Forces fourth edition

The battle for Narva, 1944

Heinrich Sonne, Knight's Cross Holder with the 1.SS-Inf.Brigade

The "MONTEROSA" Alpine Division of the R.S.I.

The 14. SS-Freiwilligen-Division Galizische

Japan in War

Eastern Volunteers insignia

Edition 5 (January 2018) contents

Axis Forces fifth edition

The battle for Narva, 1944 – 2nd part

Georg Diers – (s) SS-Pz. Abt. 503 Tank Commander

The Albanian element of Waffen-SS

The Leibstandarte with Army Group North

Hungarian Armored Forces in WW2

Italian Eastern Front Awards

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