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Testimonials from some of those customers

The quality of both text and images is excellent. The book is much more than a collection of captioned photos. There are plenty of interesting details in the book that the author could have only obtained from the veterans themselves. The value of such a book is clear where the author uses first hand recollections from the actual veterans in contrast to so many other books.
John P. Moore, USA

Beautiful work and worth every penny
NK, England

Your book has found a worthy place on my bookshelf, placed upon a purpose-built stand!
MN, Germany

Have just received my book. A top quality and interesting book. A genuine collectors item and therefore value for money.
PI, Australia

Mine arrived today, I cannot recommend this book enough, it is a work of art. If you are interested in personal accounts of the War then this is a great book, if you have the opportunity then grab one
GS, England

PT, England

A beautiful and very interesting book! Thank you for this great work that gives us an access to these exceptional historical documents.
PR, France

This is very well done with great production value clearly evident. I am quite happy I purchased a copy

Wonderful work, congratulations!
PB, Belgium

Got my copy of this fantastic book, what a wonderful labour of love; well done.
JH, Ireland

A beautifully set and binded item, the wartime images (uniforms, decorations and personal pics) are fantastic and 99% are new to me, as well as the images, the original documents are very interesting. On the down side, I think the maps and the colour plates of the vehicles are lacking the professional detail I would have expected for such a beautiful book. Thanks for having the book signed for me, a very nice touch.
GB, England

A very beautiful piece of work, I would also add as someone who has been reading and collecting for over 25 years, this is a very unique insight in to an individual soldier's story and I really like the 'album' presentation. Quality of binding and papers is excellent - Really pleased to have secured a copy for myself and this really is a rare insight into a soldier's journey through the pivotal battlefields of the war and beyond. All involved should be very proud of this book.
KL, England

I enjoy the book very much so far. Beautiful pre-and early war images and interesting info.
MS, Holland

I have received the book and congratulations. A bit unusual in the form of a photo album, but as a collector i find that great!
JL, Norway

I first saw Kurt Sametreiter on a television documentary and was quite taken by his obvious and heartfelt feelings towards his comrades and experiences of the past. When I later heard about Peter Mooney's 'My Brother in Arms' I was extremely keen to investigate further. And I'm delighted I did. Make no bones about it, this is THE most expensive book I've ever purchased - but it's worth every penny, just as others have said.

I've quite a sizeable collection of German wartime memoirs, principally from the Luftwaffe and Waffen-SS, but this is one with a marked difference. The sheer quality of the product, the wartime photo album feel to it, the colour reproductions and not least the very personal collection of comments and photos make this a book par excellance. No effort has been spared in making this volume unique in a variety of ways, and it shows.

There is an online review of George Nipe's 'Platz der Leibstandarte' which advises it as 'like being there yourself'. On a much more individual footing, this is of a very similar ilk. And the personal touch of the individual numbering and author's dedication just add the finishing touch, wonderfully so.

In short, I feel very thankful to have secured a copy of this exceptional book and feel privileged to be 'one of the few' in that respect; it'll be one I treasure for a very long time to come. Thank you, Peter.
NH, England